1 April 2024

National Park 5 Terre

National Park 5 Terre

National park 5 terre:are you curious to discover where to see the sunset in the National Cinque Terre, especially a sunset in Vernazza?

Then book a Gozzo from 5 Terre Boat for the best boat trip to the 5 Terre. The Cinque Terre are among the most romantic couple destinations you can visit and are also among the most photographed by tourists from all over the world, thanks mainly to their beautiful views. For the most skilled “sunset hunters,” we therefore recommend the most beautiful, Instagrammable, and romantic panoramic points where you can take postcard-worthy photos.

At sunset, the village of Vernazza transforms into a colorful village with its castle perched on the tip of a rocky spur, giving a “enchanted nativity scene” effect as evening falls.

To admire in all its splendor the sunset panorama in Vernazza, reach the beginning of the Blue Trail: you will have a perfect view to photograph the colorful houses and the illuminated cliff.

To see the most beautiful sunset with the best aperitif in the National Park Cinque Terre, choose 5 Terre Boat for the best boat tour.

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