30 March 2024

Cinque Terre bootstour

Cinque Terre bootstour

One of the most beautiful experiences you can have if you’re on vacation in the Cinque Terre is to take a boat tour of the Cinque Terre. As soon as you arrive in La Spezia, ask to take a boat tour of the Cinque Terre. Choose the best Cinque Terre boat tours on the market, choose 5 Terre Boat.

If the weather is nice, the wind is moderate, and the sea is calm, you might decide to take a boat tour of the Cinque Terre, which allows you to have a unique and unforgettable experience.

This option represents an alternative choice for visiting the Cinque Terre. Starting from the Gulf of La Spezia and, passing through Portovenere, arriving first in Riomaggiore and gradually leaving behind Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza, and up to Monterosso allows the tourist a full immersion in the most iconic part of the Riviera di Levante.

Only by seeing these 5 fantastic fishing villages from the sea is it possible to realize their uniqueness. Seeing the terraces allows us to understand the sacrifices that generations of Cinque Terre inhabitants have made to carve out space for their agriculture in these inhospitable areas.

After a dip in the splendid waters of Schiara or del Canneto, back on land the next day you can take the train and see the Cinque Terre up close, maybe walking on one of the famous trails or enjoying a glass of white wine with the typical Ligurian focaccia.

Only in this way, after a boat tour of the Cinque Terre, will you have a complete understanding of what these places mean. A day on a boat in Liguria can make you savor the exhilaration of the wind and salt on your skin, a taste of sea and salt that you will never forget and that will make you choose 5 Terre Boat once again.

The best service for visiting the Cinque Terre from the sea is in La Spezia.

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